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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 17, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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money and fame always claim to be the do-gooder helping us little people from weapons. thanks to everyone who responded. we always appreciate it. >> have a great weekend. it is friday! "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it's friday, january 17. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. don't believe everything you hear when it comes to obamacare enrollment. the white house caught red handed fudging the numbers. >> fudge. a a hollywood heavyweight vowing to destroy the n.r.a. >> i shouldn't say this but i'll tell it to you howard, i'm going to make a movie with meryl streep and we're going to take this issue head on and they're going to wish they weren't alive after i'm done with them. >> that coming from the fellow who produced the blood bath in pulp fiction
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and django unchained. >> remember how vice president joe biden celebrated health care reform? he did it again. he was at the detroit auto show that is raising more than a few eyebrows. we'll play it again except we'll bleep it out for you. "fox & friends" starts now. >> you're watching "fox & friends," a great way to begin your day. >> you've got to love our vice president. when nothing's going on he always pops up and says the craziest stuff. >> he does. we get a little beep action. how funny is that. [beep] >> there he is again. disciple -- >> pure malarkey.
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a lot of americans are expressing themselves because they are surprised. on january 10 as a result for trying to get new enrollees, a tweet went out from president obama and the administration. they said six million people have signed up since the exchange. that's a fact. get covered on medicare. he put out the information. it says six million americans have gotten covered. have you? that's a fact. can you believe that that would be a fact when that's not true. look at this. look at this tearout we have here. four million medicaid enrollees they're claiming. that's the fact they're claiming. but they're assuming that number would count if it included everyone prior to obamacare who would normally sign up for medicaid. the states that would cover it any way. but the real number really only 338,000 in medicaid enrollees due to obamacare. they're basically taking credit for those who would have signed up and those in states that don't have
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programs to enroll them. how is that possible? >> the 380 number is from somebody who actually looked at them. the way the administration broke down the six million, because remember we were telling you last week about how they way missed their target number. they got to sugar coat it some way. essentially a number of people say it looks like they're inventing a number. of the 6 million, 2.1 million they say selected plans in the exchanges although they have not revealed how many paid for it. >> signed up? >> you don't have it unless you paid for it. 3.9 million are on medicaid. the medicaid number is the squishy number here. in this country there are 60 million americans who qualify and use medicaid every day. so during the months people signed up for obamacare, a lot of people are going to do that any way. but what has the fact checkers going the administration can't use that number is because they never break down how many people signed up for
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medicaid because of the affordable care act and how many people actually signed up just because they were going to sign up any way. >> you can't know that number. >> what's fascinating about this is "the washington post" took them to task on this, not exactly a conservative rag and said reporters have to stop using this number because you've heard it in the mainstream media, the six million number being thrown around. once the president tweets it it becomes cannon. the president says it's a fact. so "the washington post" summed it up this way. they say -- quote -- "this number tells you almost nothing about how the affordable care act is affecting medicaid enrollment." reporters need to stop using it. >> why not say the administration need to stop using it too. why not take it a step further and say we tweeted on hash tag -- that's a fact? >> the report came out this we could about the number of people who have actually paid for their premiums. we don't know. they went through the website, 2.1 million, they signed up but you don't have insurance until you mail in your check for the
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premium. you get car insurance, it might be retroactive from the day you first called but if travelers insurance never receives your check in the mail, guess what? you don't have car insurance. >> you may mail it. they may not have received it. there are people showing up at hospitals for treatment and they're not recorded as covered. there are a lot of issues here one of which being facts being recorded as facts and they're not. >> the day of squishy. >> "the washington post" which has used that number in the past, the fact checker himself said that was a mistake. now the fact checker in "the washington post" has given the president and that claim about that six million number three pinocchios. have you seen these navigators? the big trucks? >> not the navigator trucks, the navigators who are like magellan who are to help you through the waters of obamacare. >> good luck. >> they figured out -- they have been hired in droves in states around the country to help you
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navigate the obamacare website and the sign up process. it turns out, according to the new -- who did this report? >> national review. >> i want to give them credit. they looked at new mexico to see how many of the navigators had criminal record or who are in the f.b.i. data base. one in seven of obamacare navigators in the state of new mexico are in the f.b.i. data base in their criminal division, in their criminal data base. >> what's interesting about that is before this started, how many times on the channel did we have guests say nothing written into the provisions of the law would have anybody go through a background check. so we don't know anything about the navigators. we don't know how many of the one in seven or a total of the 38 navigators in new mexico have done anything wrong but they're in the data base. one other interesting thing about the navigators, i heard on the radio yesterday how many times have you seen tv stories about these navigators going door to door, knocking on doors saying
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have you signed up for the affordable care act? they're not supposed to go door to door. did you know that? >> they're not. one charge that popped up according to this investigation by the national review, they were charged with domestic abuse, two drug larceny charges, one petty theft charge, shoplifting charge and two child abuse charge. though no one was convicted they say -- and they do believe in second chances -- there's cause for concern. perhaps if the obamacare website wasn't riddled with security issues, this wouldn't strike us as harshly as it is today. but to say, and the spokesperson said we believe in second chances. do you believe in second chances when it comes to your social security number, your income, your credit info -- >> and your health information. >> very personal information you're handing over to these guys. second chances? everyone deserves a second chance but you're only in
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that data base if you have records of criminal cases that were dismissed or led to an acquittal and arrest record. >> any way, we thought we'd keep you posted on that. meanwhile, harvey winestein, he was on the howard stern show a couple of days ago and he hates, absolutely hates the n.r.a. he hates everything they do with guns even though he's done a lot with guns. he's going to make a movie and he's going to try to take out the n.r.a. here he is with powered. >> we're -- here he is with howard. >> we're going to take this issue head on and they're going to wish they weren't alive. >> he's going to do a new feature length film. he says he wants meryl streep star in the film. howard challenged this. he said this seems inconsistent with some of the movies you put out in the past. let's look at some of the
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movies. these are just the movies we can show you because you know how violent they are. these are the made for tv version of harvey winestein's films. take a look. ♪ ♪ [gunshots] ♪ ♪ [gunshots] >> they make money on the back of guns and violence but you want to take out the people who, law-abiding citizens who have guns and carry firearms in their homes. >> as per our constitutional right to protect ourselves. it is an interesting debate. let us know what you think. tweet, facebook, e-mail. >> shoot us a message.
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harvey winestein doesn't carry a gun but his bodyguard does. heather nauert has some news. >> hope everybody is off to a great day. we have sad news to bring you. this is a story that made major headlines in the new york city area. a gruesome discovery to tell you about this morning. skeletal remains have been discovered in queens, new york, and police notifying the family of a 14-year-old autistic boy who has been missing since october. officers aren't confirming if the remains are those of avante aquindo but they found a dark pair of sneakers at the scene, the same ones the boy was missing when he disappeared. the family of a convicted murderer planning to sue this morning. this is interesting. the family says he suffered because his execution simply took too long. dennis mcgwire is his name.
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he was put to death using a combination of drugs never used before. a lawyer for the family says the state of ohio knew about the possibility that this might take awhile and they say his constitutional rights were violated. mcgwire was sentenced to death for the rape and murder of a pregnant woman. we'll keep you posted. it looks like the n.s.a.'s sweeping security measures are here to stay. president obama not expected to propose major change to the program today when he delivers his speech later on at the department of justice. this is brand-new. top secret documents reveal the n.s.a. collected 200 million texts from across the globe each and every day. while you were sleeping sandra bullock was keeping folks awake with her foul mouth. look at what happened when she accepted the award for best actress at critic's choice. >> i would like to [bleep] >> all right. you got it there. she wasn't the only one
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with a potty mouth last night. bradley cooper, cate blanchett also had to be bleeped. what's up with that? those are your headlines. we're going to dig up happier news for you. >> i'll see you in a bit. thanks, heather. hillary clinton may be eating these words. >> the fact is we have four dead americans. was it because of a protester because guys out for a walk one night who decided they would go kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? >> turns out there is a big difference. a congressman who was briefed joins us next. >> have you ever done something like this? flash your headlights to warn drivers there is a cop up ahead. wait until you hear what happens to the guy who got caught. ♪ ♪ (shouting above the chaos) if you're having trouble hearing me...
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remember when secretary of state hillary clinton said this about the benghazi terror attacks? >> the fact is we have four dead americans. was it because of a protester was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they would go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> at this point it makes a big difference. a brand-new bipartisan intelligence report shows the deadly attacks could have been prevented. those guys didn't have to die. joining us is georgia congressman lynn westmoreland, the chairman of the subcommittee on oversight and investigation for the house intel committee. he joins us today from the beautiful city of atlanta. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning, steve. >> in addition to it could have been preventible had simply more security come in, al qaeda was involved
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despite what we heard from the administration regarding that video and stuff like that, that had nothing to do with it. but what about hillary clinton at the time was secretary of state. in the bipartisan part it really doesn't blame her. but when you look in the back where the republican are able to summarize, they let her have it pretty good, don't they? >> yeah, they do. you know, from all the information that we've gotten, this thing is going to come back and lay right at the feet of the secretary and the state department and also the administration. just the fact that it's been so hard to get documents and information for us to form a report really. and so, you know, i mean when those reports first came out about it being a demonstration, i honestly believe it was just a political coverup because they knew that night that it was not a demonstration
3:18 am
about any film. >> of course that story was being floated around, the video story. you call it a political coverup. we were about eight weeksaway fl election and the president didn't want to say i guess al qaeda was involved even though he had said bin laden dead and al qaeda on the run. >> and that's exactly right. that was the whole reason is that, al qaeda, we knew they were involved. al sharia and the president made many comments about bin laden's dead and the taliban and al qaeda's, you know, gone and it was not true. >> you know what it looks like to some congressmen? that story was floated to help the pre get reelected. now it doesn't look like hillary clinton has gotten in any trouble, they didn't talk to the accountability review board, they didn't even talk to her. it looks to many they're
3:19 am
trying to help her get elected president next time. >> i think what they're trying to do is to make sure she at least would have a chance to run. and so, you know, i mean, look, let's face it, she signed some of the documents that went, that refused to do the additional security. the people under her, directly under her refused that. ms. lamb has never came and testified. mr. kennedy, you know, gave to me, lackluster testimony. and so those people were directly under the secretary. and so, you know, if i had been her, i would have forced them to come testify to prove that i didn't have anything to do with it. but, unfortunately, ms. lamb never came. >> all right. lynn westmoreland, congressman from the great state of georgia today
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joining us from atlanta. sir, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour. remember when the president had this to say about equal pay? >> over the course of her career, a working woman with a college degree will earn on average hundreds of thousands less than a man who does the same work. that's wrong. >> he says that's wrong. well then why are men still making a lot more than women at his white house? war on women? you didn't hear that from me. brand-new report just out. it's the best selling book stirring up controversy. critics slamming this author. this morning the author is here fighting back. ♪ ♪
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or go to blackhawk helicopters, the one to catch osama bin laden. one of those choppers made a hard landing at hunter army airfield and a soldier was killed. two other soldiers were hurt. they were on a training mission at the time. new clues in the search for the missing "wall street journal" reporter who vanished more than a week. the family claims his credit card was used in mexico days after he was last seen after taking a walk near his home in central new jersey. he's missing. >> the best-selling
3:25 am
pwhraobg -- book brain drain claims some foods can be toxic. sheer here to confront his critics is the author of "grain brain" dr. david perlmutter. answer some of your critics. here is the first critic. this comes from julie miller. she writes he has so many themes in his book it is hard to know what to talk about. it is like a field that has good plants. some you're not so sure of. and weeds. what do you say to julie? >> i love it, julie. i think first of all let's realize julie is a paid person for the grain industry. is there objectivity in that statement? i tend to doubt that. the idea is there are very
3:26 am
important points about grain brain. why is this book 16 weeks on the "new york times" bestseller's list? it is giving people great information. these are i can say somewhat biased comments, but all i can say is god bless her for trying. >> we're going to take a second critique of the book. this comes from gary from forks. he says several -- from forbes. he says several readers may interpret his book as a green light to load up on meat and dairy a choice that has its own cardiovascular issues. >> i would say that is not a comment necessarily off base. this is not a call to turn on eating meat all the time it relegates meat and dairy products to being the garnish on the side of the plate, pretty much a much more vegetarian diet. keep in mind the eat you
3:27 am
eat should be grass fed, much lower in causing inflammation in the body. >> you make the point in the book we've been lied to for the past 30 years. >> we were challenged on that last time but i'm holding my ground on that one. >> that is what makes it controversial? >> you need conjecture to move forward in the world. we're really saying we've been told live our lives come what may. then suddenly when you walk into the room and don't know why we've got a pill for you. there is no pill for alzheimer's and it is preventible. for those 5.4 million americans who are suffering and, frankly, more, the families who are suffering, that didn't have to be. >> my grandfather had alzheimer's so i certainly hear what you're saying. i'm going to give another -- if we have time, a third critique here. i find it sad to be in a position to say i think so position to say i think so muc(>+) this year, i'm trying the protein thing with real protein.
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3:34 am
it is confusing at epcot because mexico is right next to germany. >> everything is so close there. >> that canal right next to canada. it makes no sense. >> three steps, you're in another country. can get to you. >> it's a small world after all. >> joe biden, always love his comments. it took a few weeks to get something from the vice president. he was in detroit at the big auto show in michigan, and he likes to throw a cuss word in a time or two. sometimes when there's a microphone nearby. he leans over to bill ford jr., chairman of the ford motor company, he said thanks, thanks for saving our bleep. i'm like a kid in a candy shop. >> we're not sure what he was thanking him for; right? >> we don't know what joe biden was talking about there. thanks for saving our -- >> bailout money. >> they didn't get bailout.
3:35 am
ford had a better idea. they restructured their debt before the big crash in the market. we don't know exactly what joe's referring to. maybe he thinks they got one. we don't know. we just know when it comes to the joe biden's greatest hits, they just keep on coming. >> i'm being a good biden today. >> unchain wall street. they're going to put y'all back in chains. >> you want to protect yourself, get a double-barrel shotgun. boom! >> raising taxes on the middle class has been buried the last four years. >> mama lived in long island for ten years or so. god rest her soul. although she's wait, your mom's still alive. it is your dad passed. chuck graham, state senator is here. stand up.
3:36 am
let me see you. god love you. what am i talking about? you cannot go to a 7-elevin or dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. i'm not joking. thank you, dr. pepper. >> ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states. >> living in the moment. >> i love the seven-eleven comment from years ago. >> he's asking for an amen. heather nauert, good morning. >> he always gives you such a great laugh, doesn't he? >> always at the right time, though. >> god rest her soul. good morning to you all. i hope you're off to a great day. 36 minutes after the hour. some news to bring you. senator tom coburn announcing he will give up his seat in congress because he's fighting prostate cancer. the 65-year-old republican from oklahoma who still had
3:37 am
two years remaining on his term is well known for his efforts to eliminate government waste. one of the most memorable one, that study that cost $500,000 in taxpayer money to put those little shrimp on a tread mail. president obama fighting for equal pay for women. you've heard him talk about this women. >> over the course of his career a working woman with a college degree will earn on average hundreds of thousands of dollars less than a man who does the same work. that's wrong. >> listen to this irony. the president may need to fight harder for that. kofrgt a report by the -- according to a report by the daily caller men are making more money than women at the white house. the median salary for men last year was 73 thousand dollars, 8 thousand more than women. have you ever tried to warn your fellow drivers there was a cop up ahead.
3:38 am
that is what one man did and he got arrested for it. he was holding a sign that said police ahead. now he's facing charges for not actually warning the drivers but instead he broke the law banning signs on public property. >> katy perry on tour in china and as a special guest, the chinese national orchestra performing her hit song on traditional chinese instruments. listen to perry's version and then keep on listening. ♪ ♪ ♪ the eye of the tiger [music] >> sounds beautiful. perry said when she heard that that she was moved to tears. and those are your headlines. what have you got going on today?
3:39 am
>> we have a lot. >> they risked their lives to keep us safe so why is congress sulen on honoring veterans of desert storm 23 years later? >> a target breach that affected millions of you this morning. brand-new information on who might be behind it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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42 minutes past the hour. here are quick headlines for you. afghanistan has its first female police chief. she is a colonel and a 50-year-old mother of five. she says she's not afraid even though police women are one of the taliban's top targets. from russia with love. a new report revealing the code used to hack the
3:43 am
personal accounts of millions of customers at target and neiman marcus was written, not surprisingly, in russian. elisabeth? >> thanks, clayton. today marks the 23rd anniversary of operation desert storm, the 1991 war a decisive victory liberated kuwait after invasion of iraqi troops. even as we recognize the sacrifice of over 600,000 troops who fought in that conflict, a bill that would honor their service by building a memorial on d.c.'s national mall is stuck in congress. what is the hold up? major stuart hicky is currently serving as national director of amvets. thank you for being with us today. certainly a significant day for americans. what does this day mean to you, 23 years later? >> the main thing it means to me is that we were over there to do a job, liberate kuwait. we did that and we came
3:44 am
home, and 23 years later kuwait is still a sovereign nation. so i deem it a huge success. it was the, since world war ii one of the most overwhelming military victories the united states had. i'm just proud of the guys i served with, the guys from dab company, third tank battle i don'tbattalion tak force riper. >> when you think of your brothers who served, is it awful to ask for a memorial? why has it taken so long? i understand it takes ten years sometimes to get approved but why is it stuck in congress? it is the least that can happen for those like yourself that sacrificed so that freedom exists. >> well, i think you used the term earlier on the broadcast, squishy.
3:45 am
that's what they are in congress. they're squishy. normally they have to stick their finger in the air and see which way the wind's blowing before they make a decision. this should be a no brainer. we have 105 congressmen and senators who signed on as cosponsors of the bill, but i'd like to know where the rest of them are. we've already won this, so they don't have to choose which side they want. all they have to do is vote on it. it's not going to cost the american taxpayer a nickel. >> this is private money. it's pretty much in the bank already. what can we do? what can the average american do today? >> well, if we got the support from the american people to call their congressmen and senators and tell them to pass this now that we got when we were in desert shield and desert storm, it would be passed in a couple of days. so i'd urge everyone in the nation to call their congressmen and senators
3:46 am
and ask them why they haven't done this already. >> that would be your wish. on the date of this anniversary for all that was given and truly accomplished. are you concerned about how the administration and congress treat our veterans when they come back? we hear the backlog in the v.a. we hear right now there was a lack of focus and mission when it comes to some of the history here. you have sons who have enrolled there on active duty, i believe. what does it say to you as a father and as a veteran? where are we right now? >> i have three sons on active duty right now. the oldest one is in afghanistan. one's an embassy guard. so i have a very vested interest in what goes on with our military and our veterans. as my job, of course, the director of amvets, american veterans, that is my main focus. i'm concerned we're going to have in afghanistan what we have in iraq happening
3:47 am
right now as soon as we leave because we didn't leave enough footprint in iraq to maintain the government. i'm concerned for our veterans. the v.a., i think, is making a noble attempt to try and work the backlog, but there are a lot of thing they could still do. i believe that we should reform the civil service system in the government and hold people accountable for not doing their job. >> specifically today, we're so thankful that on this anniversary 23 years later major that you are bringing this to americans so that we can take action on our part, however small that action may be, it would make a huge difference to those who fought alongside with you. >> we would appreciate it. >> we will definitely get that message out today. thank you for your service and thank you for being with us today and the service that your sons give. >> thank you. >> coming up, we know
3:48 am
shifty eyes mean someone isn't telling the truth but that isn't the only way. how to spot a liar. the biggest movie snubs next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from tea packed with real juice from delicious fruits and veggies. it's what you need for that extra boost!
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nominations are out for hollywood's biggest night. >> and leading the pack with ten oscar nominations, each are
3:52 am
"gravity" and "american hustle." but were there any major snubs? >> yes, there were. for that let's turn to dominic batten who joins us today from salt lake city, utah, where he's out there covering the sundance film festival. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> there is a major snubs. oprah didn't get one. tom hanks, probably for one of the best things he's ever done. robert redford. which of those really has got you troubled that they didn't recognize that person? >> incredibly surprised that they didn't recognize oprah winfrey. her performance in "the butler" was a very strong showing. more importantly, it's the first time she's appeared on screen since "beloved." but robert redford, big miss there. i talked to him yesterday about it after the nominations cape out. of course, being robert redford, he was cool as a cucumber and
3:53 am
said i'm fine. he's been around the block and already won for best director in 1981. but there are a lot of changes. a lot of things people didn't expect. i was very surprised that james gandolfini did not receive best supporting actor for "enough said," which showed the great range of a great actor. >> lot of people thought that might have won oscar. you didn't mention tom hanks there. steve did. i'm curious what you thought on that. they thought this might have been one of his career performances. not even "saving mr. banks" or "captain phillips." >> i think everybody thought if tom was going to get one, it would be for "captain phillips," which was a remarkable film, remarkable american courage, i might add. we shouldn't forget that. his so-called co-star, the gentleman who played the somali pirate, did receive a best supporting actor nomination, which have well deserved. i was very surprised by tom. i was very surprised now that you mention "saving mr. banks"
3:54 am
that emma thompson did not receive best actress. it looked like the slot that was going to her went to meryl streep, who received her 18th oscar nomination, a record. >> does a release of that film have much to do with how long it stays and sticks with someone's memory? >> i think so. it's hard to tell with academy members. they're a fickle bunch. there weren't a lot of surprises yesterday. but you do have to say some films, they seem to come out around the early fall. those are the ones that seemed to resonate with academy maybe just for no other reason than those are the ones they get to see. great films like "lone survivor," a magnificent film, again of courage, determination and endurance. i know you guys talked to peter berg the other day. the film has been doing great at the box office. but it just didn't have enough time to build up the traction that it would need to get
3:55 am
academy membership, to get their attention and votes. no one is denying films like that, sometimes the great films don't get seen or heard. but we don't forget them. >> you made a good point where you were talking about how a lot of the members of the academy are not able to see movies. when we were watching yesterday here from the curvy couch as they announced best picture, there was a list of 75 movies this time because so few people see these things. i mean, i saw one. "gravity." that was it. why do they have so many and the second part of the question, which of them do you think is going to win? >> look, i think -- i'll answer the second part first because i don't want to take anybody's betting money away. i would not bet against "12 years a slave." i would not bet against "american hustle." i think they're pretty clearly the front runners for best picture. i would not bet against the great matthew mcconaghey or against sandra bullock. but i would say that the academy extended their best picture
3:56 am
category to ten films. for the past couple years, about nine films received the nomination nod. it's hard to figure out exactly who is going to fall into that category. i think a they try to show a real breadth and range in hollywood. i agree with you, some years it's hard to see them all. this year i might say, it's a very, very good market. there are a lot of great films out there. some people were surprised as i was, that lee daniels, "the butler," the civil rights drama didn't get a nod. but it's a busy year. >> it is. thanks for being with us from sundance. we love all the info. >> tell robert redford we said hi. >> i will. and don't forget here at sundance is going to see the debut of the mitt documentary, about mitt romney. lot of attention there. >> thanks. >> coming up, shifty eyemean somebody is not telling the truth or not. but that's not the only sign.
3:57 am
six ways to spot a liar. then the movie sweeping the nation. "lone survivor." how did they pull off the intense action scenes? kevin mccarthy will take us behind the scenes with that. i do a lot oresearch on angie's list before i do any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. ♪ ♪ ♪
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until i started gellin'. i got dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. when they're in my shoes, my feet and legs feel less tired. it's like lking on a wave. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. i'm a believer! good morning. it's friday, january 17. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the terrorists who killed four americans in benghazi still roaming free and this morning we are learning bureaucracy delayed justice. a stern warning, the obamacare's web site is still a hacker's dream come true. wasn't the administration supposed to fix that months ago? why is it worse than ever before? >> clayton, it is the movie that is sweeping the nation. "lone survivor" honoring the hero navy seals who lost their lives. how did they pull off these incredible, realistic, authentic action scenes? kevin mccarthy got the inside scoop and he's going to share it
4:01 am
with us this hour. "fox & friends" hour two for this friday starts right now. >> this is larry the cable guy visiting with my friends at "fox & friends." >> thank you very much, larry. we're going to start with some headlines. let's get er done with her. >> you're talking about the action scenes in movies. my brother-in-law is a stunt double. so they wear a lot of padding and go to a lot of physical therapy. i hope i don't get in trouble for saying this, matthew mcconaghey and josh we arewin is who he stunts for. as you get older in that business, then you start doing stunt directing as opposed to being the double yourself. your body takes a real beating. interesting career, though. got some headlines to bring you. hope your all off to a good day. this is a story that's captivated people in the new york city area. new information is coming in this morning in the case of a missing autistic boy from new
4:02 am
york. police making a disturbing discovery early this morning. they found skeletal remains along the shore line in queens, new york and police just notified the family of a 14-year-old autistic boy who had been missing since october that it may be their son. officers, however, aren't confirming that the remains are that. but they did find a dark pair of sneakers at the scene, the same ones that he was wearing when he disappeared. we'll keep you updated on this story. blackhawk choppers fly covert missions like this to catch osama bin laden. but sadly, one of those choppers making a hard landing at hunter army air field in georgia. the soldier with the army's elite night stalkers unit was killed when it went down. two other soldiers were hurt. they were on a training mission at the time. we'll keep you posted on any developments. two hours from now, the
4:03 am
octomom will be in court in california, set to be arraigned on fraud charges. the mother of 14 -- that's right -- she's accused of not reporting $30,000 that she earned for appearances last year while she was collecting welfare. if she's convicted, she could get up to six years behind bars and those are your headlines. can't imagine having 14 kids. >> that's a lot. >> see you liter. >> permanently pregnant. thanks. we've been telling you this week about how the senate select committee on intelligence came out with their findings. they said that what happened in benghazi was preventible. they said that al-qaeda affiliates were involved and in the back part it said hillary clinton was ultimately responsible for security. what's interesting now is we're hearing about testimony that joint chiefs chair martin dempsey gave in october. what he revealed was -- we all want to get the bad guys who did
4:04 am
that. we want to get them. but he revealed that the pentagon's hands are tied because we can only go after al-qaeda or al-qaeda affiliates. i know we've been saying it's al-qaeda and the senate said this week it's al-qaeda afill yachts. but according to the administration, it won't al-qaeda, so we couldn't go after them. >> it's awfully wordy and things are designed to protect. but it's so disheartening to know that their hands are literally tied under the authorization for use of military force, it allows u.s. to forget anywhere else in the world on al-qaeda and associated forces, but they don't fall under the authorization by the congress. >> why? >> they just don't. >> doesn't make sense when you now know -- within minutes of the attack, even before hand, we knew associated -- that's the loose general term. >> wasn't that enough?
4:05 am
>> dempsey has been criticized. he was criticized in the senate report for not having any assets in the area. you wonder if that's some sort of excuse for not having any assets in the area because we weren't able to classify these groups that were associated with al-qaeda. they were certainly associated with al-qaeda. we know from the senate report that they were. >> americans dead and he says that the u.s. couldn't seek to capture the benghazi attackers under the existing agreement. but it would need to rely on forces in libya or any other countries where the attackers are hiding in order to do so. it's infuriating and literally feeling handcuffed when we can't protect our own is an awful, awful sentiment. >> we would have to ask libya for permission -- remember, they tell americans -- this past week, the department of state has classified two of the organizations involved in the attack as terror outfits. and they are al-qaeda affiliates. what's interesting is some of the things we've heard is state
4:06 am
department employee greg hicks and others had asked for help. we need more security. the ambassador asked for more security as well. but the department of state turned it down repeatedly. you probably heard on tv some people say, well, the guy who ran afrikom offered more protection and he said no. well, steven's bosses said no, so he had to say no. it wouldn't have made any difference anyway because the department of defense was calling the shots and leon panetta took more security away the month before the attack. anyway, i bring up chris stevens because lindsey graham took to the floor yesterday and talked about how there are some on the political left who are blaming chris stevens, our ambassador who died. listen to this. >> here we are years later, the families have no clue as to what happened to their loved ones and quit blaming the dead guy!
4:07 am
this suggestion that chris stevens had fault for his own death, chris stevens was in benghazi 'cause that's where he was supposed to be doing what america wanted him to do, try to hold libya together. so there is not going to be any blaming the dead guy. >> and meanwhile, still no one has been fired for this debauchle. putting out those talking points the next day on the sunday talk shows where susan rice went and said it was because of a spontaneous -- >> what does it matter? >> then hillary clinton, what difference does it make? no one has been fired yet from the administration for any of this. it's pretty remarkable. yesterday ed henry asked jay carney about this very issue and here was the press secretary's response. >> senator graham, republican was on the floor today and he compared the benghazi situation to chris christie's situation and said he owned up to it. he fired people.
4:08 am
and he specifically said why hasn't one person, the white house, state department been fired? how do you answer that? >> all i can say is again, this has been exhaustively investigated by both congress and the arb and others, very sort of stark assessments have been made, recommendations have been put forward, including on personnel, and the state department adopted those. >> he just quoted the arb, accountability review board as investigations go, it was -- many in washington regard it as a joke. there were no note takers. they didn't record anything. they didn't talk to hillary. >> they didn't get will for 18 days. >> that would be the f.b.i.! >> they weren't there 'til 18 days. the investigation taking far too long. there are no answers, no accountability, even from a review board, they can't find accountability. seems to be systemic at this point. >> he was listed right underneath hillary clinton in this report that came out as the
4:09 am
reason for the lack of security and organization of the state department. hillary clinton sort of dodged a bullet here from any of the members of congress in this senate report. she was mentioned one time. he's mentioned repeatedly throughout the report. still has a job. >> yep. and i know we've been talking about benghazi since it happened here on this show and on fox. you hear it on the radio and you hear it -- see it on-line with bloggers and whatnot. but you don't really see much in the mainstream media. you have to ask yourself, if a republican presidency was involved and there were republican sitting in the chair at the time, don't you think with four americans are killed in an attack on our council, the first in 30 years, that's a big story. why isn't anybody following it? got to wonder. it's politics and it's a double standard. >> let us know what you think about this story and more.
4:10 am
the show continues this morning. >> that's right. we've got a fox news alert. senior official, president obama is going to call for stripping the nsa's ability to store phone data for millions of americans. he's going to reveal that at a speech today at the department of justice. the official added the president will not say who should ultimately store the data. it's been surmised it would be phone companies, but they don't want to do it. instead, he will call on the intel community and congress to help him figure out what to do. and clayton, as well, so that's coming up later today with the president saying what he's going to do. clayton, yesterday it was revealed, and i turn to you because you're the tech guru guy. apparently the nsa has been recording -- is it 200 million of our text messages every day? >> oh, sure. text messages, anything that they can look through a server, text messages, any of our skype recordings and phone calls that go through. >> these aren't things that
4:11 am
we're doing overseas. this is our stuff. >> this is why they're building a brand-new storage facility. that's why the nsa is building that massive new data system. they need a police to store -- place to store our information. it's to store all of this information. >> which is interesting because -- going forward, will a warrant for arrest even exist? they have cause, you know. >> they can search through all of this information. they don't need it probably. >> we know that they had the stuff for the tsarnaev brothers but found it after the attack. it's 7:11 here in new york city. straight ahead, new numbers show not enough young people are signing up for obamacare. now the private sector is stepping in. meet the guy who is trying to make it easier for young people to sign up and he does not work for the government, but he's figured a way to make it work. did you play basketball as a kid? this child's play ending in one community.
4:12 am
the reason they're putting a ban on basketball. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] we could say a lot about the most track-tested is ever... but the truth is... we don't have to. the experts have spoken. now it's your move. ♪ now it's your move. help keep teeth clean and breath play close.fresh and close. with beneful healthy smile snacks. with soft meaty centers and teeth cleaning texture's dental that tastes so good new beneful healthy smile food and snacks
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obamacare, the stats not good. not enough young people are signing up for obamacare. government statistics show 24% of enrollees are between 18 and 34. that is way short of the 40% goal they had. now the private sector is stepping in and doing what the government can't do.
4:16 am
our next guest is making it easier for young people to sign up. mike owens is the senior vice president of gohealth and joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you would think that with this tech savvy administration, one of the things they would have done right at the beginning is if we want young people to sign up, everybody is on their smart phone all the time. let's have an app where they can sign up for the affordable care act on their phone. they didn't do it! instead, we got a web site that didn't work for a couple of months. >> right. i was asked on a previous show, why aren't more people signing up to the web site? and why aren't the young people there? we said, let's build a mobile solution. half of the people between 18 and 39 use their mobile phone as their primary source of information and ways to get to the internet. so the government is saying, we don't have enough young people. it made sense to us to say, let's build a mobile application where people can get on their smart phone and with a few clicks, get information on subsidy eligibility, determine a plan, have side by side comparisons. i think we'll show some of that
4:17 am
on the screen shortly. and then choose a plan. >> right. >> young people are used to doing business that way. >> of course. they do everything. they listen to music. they want to know where am i? they hit the compass and the map and know where they're a. it's a no brainer. instead they came up with this web site that didn't work for a while. but with your web site, let me ask you this about your web site, your smart phone application, how long did it take to you come up with it and did you wind up spending $600 million like the government did? >> we did not spend $600 million like the government did. the government is saying not enough young people are signing up. we all understand the notion of insurance, spreading risk. at the higher ages, there is more low outlaying. insurance works when a high number of people sign up at varying age band. we said let's build a mobile application. late december, we decided on that. we launched it on the 15th of january, which i believe was
4:18 am
two days ago. they did not -- it did not cost us $600 million. >> the government had three years and a running start to do it and they screwed it up. one of the things you're doing is trying to appeal to young people and that's why you're doing the smart phone thing. if enough young people don't sign up, this thing, as we've heard, will go into a death spiral unless they get close to 40% because the people who are older and sicker, the more young people in there, that brings their premiums down. otherwise the older, sicker people, their premiums are going to go through the roof. >> it all comes back to utilization. the higher your age, the higher your typical outlaying, which creates, as you stated, the death spiral. that's what we're trying to help the government avoid. >> but there is one thing we're leaving out and that is maybe the young people are not signing up. they don't want it. they don't need it. they feel invincible. they'll pay the $95 tax. >> the young invincibles are thinking maybe this year the tax
4:19 am
is not punitive enough and i'm not going to sign up. i'm going to wait until the tax makes a difference for me, or the penalty makes a difference. we believe here at go health insurance that you should sign up. it's a mandate under the law and all we're trying to do is do our part to enact that law. >> a lot of young people are going, why would i pay hundreds of dollars a month when i can pay 95, a tax and so they're doing that. we'll find out what happens and good luck to you. you've had good luck so far. >> thank you so much. thanks for having me back. coming up, he promised it would not happen. >> i'll be back. >> well, now arnold schwarzenegger is making good. where you're going to see him very soon. that's coming up. then we all know shifty eyes can mean somebody may be fibbing. that's not the only sign. a former c.i.a. interrogator with six ways to spot a liar. if you think that somebody is pulling your leg, he'll show you
4:20 am
how. ♪ ♪ good job! still runnng in the morning? yeah. getting your vegebles every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. two full servings of vegetables progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on
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now it's time for news by the numbers. the sports edition. first, 500 bucks. that's how much a group of omaha businesses will donate to peyton manning's charity for the children every time he calls his go-to signal, omaha, during the afc championship. he said it 44 times last week. that could add up to a lot of dough. >> i'll be back. >> yep. next, $3 million. that's how much arnold schwarzenegger will earn to star in a super bowl commercial for bud lite. $10,000 per pitch.
4:24 am
that's how much dodgers ace clayton kershaw will be paid. he signed a massive seven-year, $250 million contract, making him the highest paid pitcher ever. 10,000 bucks a throw. all right. let's throw it over to clayton and elisabeth. >> you take issue with that? our week long series of secrets of the c.i.a. is coming to an end. we might have to save the best for last. >> you'll learn how to tell if someone is lying. joining us is former c.i.a. interrogator, philip houston. you guys employ specific techniques to tell if someone is lying. how do you prevents false positives? >> sure. what we do is we focus our attention on those things that we know the cause of. so for example, we look for behaviors in response to a question as opposed to, say, looking at you and you're sitting with a closed posture.
4:25 am
some people say that's deceptive. in reality, we don't know why you're sitting that way. >> a little cold. >> exactly. >> it's not that you're lying. what are some ways, just on average, we can sort of spot lies? >> couple of keys. first of all, don't look for good things. in other words, when you hear somebody say something that sounds positive to you, like for example, somebody looks you in the eye, you don't want to assume they're telling the truth 'cause truthful people might do that. but deceptive people often do it to replicate or imitate what looks truthful. so ignore that. as i said a second ago, focus on those things that are in response to a question, looking for specific behaviors that we can talk about. >> like a behavioral pause or a delay? >> sure. so for example, you ask someone a question and there is an inappropriate pause. inappropriate would be defined as let's say if i ask elisabeth, what were you doing five years ago on this date, you would
4:26 am
probably pause. but what if i said, elisabeth, five years ago, did you rob a bank? hmmm. >> might stick out in my mind. >> exactly. that's going to tip us off. that would be inappropriate for the question. >> you also talk about verbal, nonverbal disconnect? >> yes. you see that a lot. this is when, for example, if you asked someone a question. so if i say, clayton, did you take my ipad? and clayton says no, i don't know anything about your ipad. saying no, he's shaking his head yes. >> i don't know where it is. i have no idea. >> right. one word of caution. we don't rely on any one behavior. we rely on clusters in response to a stimulus, to be fair. >> something like throat clearing or swallowing, in addition to shaking a head in a nonverbal way, like steve. >> psychologically, what may be going on there is someone is feeling uncomfortable about your
4:27 am
question or more uncomfortable about their answer. so they're clearing up their voice. we call it dressing up the lie. so i'll give you my best voice as i tell what you i'm about to tell you. >> kind of a comfort technology. hand to face activity. does that increase with lies? >> yes. that's very significant. so when you ask someone a question and all of a sudden, their hands starting to to their face, or anywhere in the head region, their ears or nose or their hair, that is significant because what's likely happened is the fight or flight response has been triggered by your question. >> that is a grooming technique? >> same thing. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> yeah, we're not sure. >> exactly. >> a rise in anxiety. you say there might be anxiety and they're indicating that? >> we're distinguishing between general nerveness because some people are nervous. so for example, when people come on camera with you, there is some natural nerveness. but what we're looking for is nervousness provoked by your question.
4:28 am
sort of a spike in the anxiety. >> fascinating. i want to employ this around the house. >> yes, we are. with our children. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. philip houston, former c.i.a. interrogator. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. coming up, victoria secret made its money off the female body. the company under fire for telling a breast-feeding mom to take a hike. really? where she was told to go instead of the store. plus, it's a movie sweeping the nation. "lone survivor" honoring the hero navy seals who sacrificed their lives. but how did they pull off the intense action scenes? kevin mccarthy shares the inside scoop next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] start the engine...
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nope. not trying that. [ femalannouncer ] ditch the diet. go on a try-it with lean cuisin ♪ ♪ the beautiful morning in china this morning. your shot of the morning. smog in china. that's not like a misty fog. that's smog. it's gotten so bad, that it's hard to see the skyline. so bad a severe warning was issued. they're installing a futuristic screen to televise the sunset. >> what? >> 'cause people can't ever see it. people have been flocking to see this massive led screen to catch
4:33 am
a glimpse of the horizon. not quite as good as the real thing, but it's better than nothing. >> sure. at least you know what time it is. >> you ever see the movie "wally"? that's what beijing is turning into. >> the big question is, where are they photographing that sunset where you could see that? >> hawaii. >> ladies and gentlemen, say aloha and mahalo to heather nauert. >> are we taking this show to hawaii? that sounds great. >> let's do it. pack it up and go. good morning to you all. hope you're off to a good day. we've got news now to bring you. this is a really outrageous story. this guy murdered a pregnant woman in cold blood after he sexually assaulted her and now the killer's family wants to sue. dennis mcguire was executed for his crime, but his family says that the execution simply took too long because there was a combination of drugs that was used and that combination had never been used on anyone before. the family says that the state
4:34 am
of ohio knew about the possibility and they say that mcguire suffered and therefore, his constitutional rights were violated. what do you think about that? there is a streak to ban basketball in one community. on long island, they say they're worried about the safety of kids playing in the street and about how it looks. they say it's a nice neighborhood and people don't want to see basketball hoops lining the streets. a vote on the ban is set for next month. listen to this story, moms out there. a mom learns the hard way that victoria secret doesn't always support the female body. ashley clawson spent 150 bucks at a store in austin, texas. then she asked an employee if she could nurse her son in a fitting room so she could have some privacy and comfort. what did the employee of the store say? no. go do it in an alley instead. listen. >> the posters are women showing their breast.
4:35 am
obviously to victoria secret, in my eyes, it's looked at as something as a play toy. not necessarily meant for nursing your child, which is why we have breasts to begin with. >> boy. under texas law, women can breast-feed in any location where moms are allowed to be. the store manager apologizing and offered to send her a 150-dollar gift card. let me get this straight. you can bring your boobs in the store, but you can't use them to feed your child? >> you heard her. >> crazy! >> the lesson here, better to ask for forgiveness than permission perhaps. >> can you imagine? >> how are they going to find out? >> go breast-feed your child in the alley. then $150 gift card to make it better. >> "lone survivor," the true story of brotherhood and courage. it's been taking the nation by storm since it premiered this past week. the film gives a detailed look at the dangerous mission four
4:36 am
navy seals tout -- fought in 2007. >> kevin mccarthy got the inside scoop how they shot some of the scenes. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. thank you so much for having me. "lone survivor" is one of the most intense, emotional and powerful films i've seen in years. one of the best movies i've seen in a long time. while it is a tragic story, there is a very important message of inspiration in the film. i felt patriotic when i left the theater. a lot of us think we know what the guys go through, the risks they say. we will never know what it's like to be up on the mountain with those guys. peter berg brought us very, very close to that. i sat down and talked with how they got those mountain sequences, how did you shoot those scenes when they were falling down the mountain? this is what the casting director had to say. >> this was obviously a very violent, intense experience and we were determined to do everything we could to capture it. we did that without any wires, without any dummies. we had some of the fiercest stunt men that i've ever
4:37 am
encountered throwing themselves off of those cliffs. the actors wanted to, ben foster in particular. i was constantly having to pull them away 'cause they all wanted to get in and get after it. it's a testament to how much the guys wanted to honor these seals. >> then the close-ups of us when you see us, it's a guy on a sled, camera man on a sled hooked on to -- like a sled -- you know how it looks like the top of a garbage can? he's on one of those. it's so old school that you got a guy -- when i start falling, he's right beside me being pulled from a guy that's connected to the road. >> when you can't see the person and they don't know it's you, i usually prefer to use somebody else because they're extremely dangerous. the first guy to go down the hill broke some ribs and punctured a lung. he was carted off to the
4:38 am
hospital. >> oh, man. kevin, i was talking to a former navy seal a couple of days ago about the movie and he said the way they shot this was so authentic. he said that's exactly what it's like when you are pinned down and people are trying to kill you. >> that's the incredible thing. like peter berg and the actors said, these stunt men wanted to honor the seals so much that they were willing to hurt themselves to shoot this film. i had a very in-depth conversation with marcus luttrell. i asked him what was the hardest scene to watch? i saw your interview and that was a phenomenal interview. he said the hardest scene was the death sequence of matt axelsson because he was separated by an rpg blast and didn't get to see him pass away. it was an emotional interview. if you want to see the full interview, i'll put it up on my twitter. >> we understand that mark walburg, who plays marcus
4:39 am
luttrell, won an award last night. and you were out in los angeles for that event. what else can you tell us? >> yeah. he gave a very powerful speech, by the way. he went up there and thanked everybody. i'm so happy this movie is getting the recognition it deserves. i had the chance, i was walking around the room last night and i spot mr. leonardo dicaprio, my girlfriend and i walking around, and we see him, so i run over there and i immediately started geeking out about "inception." i'm like, let me tell you my theory. he was sitting there, genuinely listening to me. like that's a good point. it was great to meet him. >> that's your girlfriend? congratulations. very nice! >> thank you very much. she's the reason that i do what i do. she's the best thing in my life. she really is. >> you're very sweet. >> you're outstanding. kevin v a great weekend. hopefully we'll see you this
4:40 am
weekend. enjoy. thanks so much. >> yeah. everybody, go see "lone survivor" and look out for the marcus luttrell cameo. niece a couple great scenes. >> kevin mccarthy, live from hollywood. give our best to your girlfriend. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. >> coming up, we told you about this one yesterday. a little league coach suing his own player after getting hit with a helmet. is that legal? peter johnson, jr. on the case. then he wanted to rob the joint. there is a big problem. the door inside said push, and he pulled. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is betsy. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief.
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4:44 am
that file. sometimes doors are tricky. especially if you're a crook. a would-be burglar in chicago didn't get very far because he was pulling door instead of pushing it. he couldn't read. surveillance footage shows he got through the lock, but still couldn't open the door. he eventually left with nothing. a parrot singing like a canary to the cops. this loud mouthed bird was in the back seat when his owner was stopped at a sobriety checkpoint in mexico. before the driver could take the test, the parrot squawked, he's drunk. sure enough, he failed the test and was thrown in jail. elisabeth? >> the parrot is a rat. california little leaguer is being sued for more than a half million dollars after he threw his helmet in the air in celebration. the helmet then hit his coach in the ankle and he tore his achille's tendon. his parents say it was an accidents and blown away by what's happening now. take a listen. >> almost thought it was a joke at first, but shortly after,
4:45 am
realized that it's not a joke and we need to take care of it. >> he asked me for my homeowners insurance information and he wanted to call them directly so that he could get money to take care of any medical bills that he had. >> thankfully, fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr., is joining us to make sense of this. >> this is lawsuit hell. if you have a homeowners policy, homeowners policy, beware, means lawsuit. i'm going to sue you. here this coach is suing a 14-year-old boy because he says he negligently and willfully -- that means intentionally -- threw the helmet and caused him personal injury. now that's going to cost him thousands and thousands of dollars in pain and suffering and medical costs. now this family doesn't have homeowners insurance, has paid $4,000 in legal bills to a lawyer and so they have to put up with this lawsuit. >> who is the real victim? >> which is ridiculous and a phony and should be thrown out
4:46 am
of court. people should not be sued for nonsense like that. it gives lawyers a bad name and it gives the notion of personal injury and compensatory damages a bad name in this country. >> so he came forward seven months after the incident, asked for half a million dollars. victimizing in the minds of many, this family. here is what he said with shepard smith. this is the coach yesterday. take a listen. >> all the parents knew about it. they didn't come up to me and say they're sorry. they didn't have their kid come up and say hey, we're really sorry, so and so wants to say sorry. and we want to say sorry that it happened. i would drop this lawsuit in a heartbeat if they would come to me and say, we're really sorry. we just basically asked that they had a homeowners insurance policy that might cover this for any of the medical bills that weren't covered. we didn't ask for any kind of money. we just asked if they had their insurance to help pay what my blue cross would not. >> is this a trap? >> listen, mr. becky says he's injured. so i believe that he's injured.
4:47 am
people generally don't just say they're injured. i'm sure there are medical records. but is this the right way to go about it? clearly he's concerned now about whether this lawsuit should be examined nationally or not. clearly he's saying, did i do the right thing? clearly this is a time for an adult in the room to step in and say, let's bring these people together. i'm sure the family feels badly that this happened f it happened. although they say no one saw this happen and mr. beck didn't see it happen. so if no one saw it happen, mr. beck didn't see it happen, we have a lawsuit looking for thousands of dollars in california, you can see a child. the parents will be responsible. but is this the right thing to do? what do you say at home? would you want to be sued for something like this? now coaches suing the children? >> his own player? >> that they want to coach? >> who is the victim here?
4:48 am
>> come on. lawyers and regular people should be speaking out and saying, come on. work it out. an apology, i'm sorry. thank you for your service, coach. let's patch it up. >> well said. >> good to see you. >> have a great weekend. patch it up! >> coming up, brand-new mortgage rules can mean you can live here for under 1,000 bucks a month. where else can you score mortgages just like it? up next. but first on this date in 1987, gregory abbott had the number one song in america with "shake you down." ♪ ♪ play close. good and close.
4:49 am
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welcome back. good news for home buyers in the housing market. >> that's right. new mortgage rules are in effect and aim to put an end to some of the worst mortgage lending abuses of the past. >> here with the details, real estate expert and author of "find it, fix it, flip it," michael corbett and show us great homes for sale with affordable monthly mortgages. i know big changes in the mortgage market right now. what are they? break the rules down for us. >> what these new rules do, they're called qualified loans, which actually seek to have buyers get into loans they can afford finally by verifying their income, assets, and their debts. also it restricts those terrible nondocumentation loans and no interest loans and up front fees and lastly, what they do is also
4:53 am
provide safeguards for home buyers and homeowners when it comes to collection of payments and how foreclosures are processed. all very good news for home buyers, homeowners, and the housing market. >> seems like there is insulation there. you're going to show us some homes in which fall into this category, right? >> yeah. there is some great mortgages out there right now that are really affordable. i found some wonderful homes today that are really beautiful homes. so let's take a look at them. first one i believe we're going to tennessee first. >> yep. take a look at this one. price on this one -- >> unbelievable. i think this is a beautiful home! i'm moving there. three bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. around 2400 square feet. two story traditional, beautiful porches out front. big rooms. it's got a great eat-in kitchen. walk-in closets. enormous backyard. full basement and according to trulia's mortgage calculator, this is going to cost you, with interest and taxes, around
4:54 am
$1,350 a month. >> wow. >> extraordinary! >> you got another good deal in oletha, kansas, which is not far from kansas city, kansas. this house, under a quarter of a million dollars. >> yeah. this is another really great deal. this is a beautiful home. it's a sort of traditional two story. but what's great about this property is it's got four bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, over 3,000 square feet. it's $240,000. it's got a two-story entry, curved staircase, nine-foot ceilings. french doors in office. enormous become yard and it has an in-home sauna for $1,200 a month. amazing. >> michael, rockhill, south carolina. this one per month will come in under $1,000? can that be? let's take a look. >> absolutely. this one, the house itself is under $200,000. it's around $184,000.
4:55 am
it's three bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, 2100 square feet on a half acre. it's a cape cod style, hardwood floors. big open kitchen. wonderful closets, wonderful amenities and front porch. again, for around $950, it's going to include your mortgage, taxes and insurance. what a great mortgage and it's very, very affordable. >> before we let you go, i've been hearing this month might be the best month ever to sell your home. is that accurate? >> you know what? a lot -- there is a lot of interest right now because interest rates are going to go up. so this is a fantastic time if you're ready to put your house on the market. there is a lot of activity. always historically, january is a great month to put your house on the market. so get it ready. get on the market. >> all right. michael corbett joining us today from los angeles. thank you very much. people would like more information about the houses we've looked at, how do we find them? >> go on to our "fox & friends" web site and you'll see my blog
4:56 am
there and all the information will be on there. >> mighty fine. thank you very much. have a nice weekend. >> take care. >> you, too. >> coming up here, a reporter for the "wall street journal" vanishes in plain sight. this morning the brand-new clues from mexico. and then geraldo is here. you want to know what he thinks of harvey weinstein and his vow to destroy the nra. >> look at you. ♪ ♪ this year, i'm trying the protein thing with real protein.
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5:00 am
the way. two big bombshells in the affordable care act headache. the health care headache, not only has the white house been fudging the numbers, some of its investigators have f.b.i. records. wait 'til you hear this. hollywood heavyweight vowing to destroy the nra. >> i shouldn't say this, but i'll tell it to you. i'm going to make a movie with meryl streep and we'll take this issue head on and they're going to wish they weren't alive after i'm done with them. >> meryl streep is scary. isn't that odd? coming from the guy who produced the blood baths in "pull fiction --" pulp fiction" and others. >> i'm joe biden. you're watching "fox & friends," and you'll enjoy it. >> thank you very much, mr. vice president. >> brian is off this morning. i'm clayton in for brian. he's taking a day off. nice to see you. >> you, too. >> a quote of the vice president, it's a big deal that you're here. >> i was ready to (bleep).
5:01 am
>> thank you for that. >> geraldo rivera will be right here on the curvy couch in about two minutes. right now we turn to heather nauert who has got the headlines. >> geraldo is a big bleeping deal as well. happy friday to you all. good morning. god to see you. -- good to see you. a fox news alert. senior officials telling "fox & friends" that the president will call for the nsa to restrict phone data. he plans to reveal this during a speech at the department of justice later today. the official adding the president will not say who should store that data. he'll call on the intelligence community and congress to help him figure out that one. new information to bring you in the case of a missing boy with autism from new york. police making a disturbing discovery earlier this morning. finding skeletal remains along the shore line in queens. police now notifying the family of the 14-year-old that it may be their son. officers aren't confirming that
5:02 am
the remains are that of the teen-ager at this hour. he has been missing since october. police found a pair of dark sneakers at the scene and they may be the same ones that he was wearing when he vanished. ale update -- we'll update you with more information as it comes in. beware if you're interested in obamacare. the folks handling your sensitive information could actually be criminals. according to public records, one in seven obamacare navigators in the state of new mexico are also in the f.b.i. database. 38 total navigators showed up in that search, but couldn't be determined how many had been convicted of a crime. navigators, the ones who help people sign up for insurance, they do have access to your social security numbers and other sensitive information. while you were sleeping, sandra bullock was wide awake keeping folks even more aache with her foul mouth. look what happened last night when she accepted the award for best actress at the critic's choice awards. >> i would like to -- (bleep).
5:03 am
>> pardon me. >> she wasn't the only one with a potty mouth. bradley cooper and cate blanchett had to be bleeped. those are your headlines. >> we're hoping we don't have to bleep the news person. >> thankful for that. >> pardon me. >> we might have to with geraldo. >> good morning, everybody. you never know. >> geraldo, a lot of people are infuriated that we still don't have the guys who did -- >> i'm infuriated. >> we all are. now we're learning that apparently joint chiefs chair, martin dempsey, back in october -- i think it was behind closed doors, said essentially that our hands have been tied. the pentagon's hands have been tieed because the groups that we believed were involved in benghazi were not covered by the authorization for the use of military force. so we couldn't go get them because they weren't al-qaeda. now from the senate committee
5:04 am
report we heard a couple days ago, it was an al-qaeda affiliate. so you would think a that would have been enough to go get the guys. >> what we hope, steve, is that the stink of politics isn't what is influencing the fact that we haven't gotten the people responsible for killing our people in benghazi yet. you have a situation here where why hasn't there been a drone strike? why hasn't there been a commando raid? we know where al-shariah and the related militia groups are, where they are based. the people involved have given interviews to various western media. and it is curious because as you mentioned, the chairman of the joint chiefs, now it is revealed in october martin dempsey said the reason we haven't gone after them is they're not covered by the authorization of military force act. what is that? following the 9-11 attacks, we and congress allowed the military to go after anyone
5:05 am
affiliated with al-qaeda that did what they did to our people here in new york and in washington and -- >> we can kill them. >> you can kill them with military force. in other words, the military can be used to do what is essentially a police function, get a criminal and bring them to justice or kill them. so now al-qaeda is covered. now jump cut to the situation right now in benghazi. why is ansar al-shariah not considered al-qaeda? what is curious is that if you remember back in october, there were two big uses of american military force against terrorists. in tripoli, the capitol of libya , joint intelligence and military team captured a guy named al-libi. who is that? the guy who helped engineer the bombing of our african embassies in 1998. al-qaeda bombed that embassy in tanzania and nairobi, kenya.
5:06 am
i was there. i covered it. so we know that al-libi was al-qaeda. we got him in tripoli. he's in custody now. at the same time, the same day, seal team six, fewer military operation, was used to raid the coast of somalia to capture the head of al-shabab. what is al-shabab? it's an al-qaeda affiliated terrorist group that committed that -- we think that raid on the shopping mall in nairobi. remember it killed all those people. we used military against al-shabab. why can't we use military against al-shariah? and i for the life of me can't figure out the distinction between al-shabab in libya -- in somalia and sharia in libya. they seem like kevins to me. >> when things are ever evalving in terms of al-qaeda and the changes that take place, it seems as though it evolves, therefore, this should also
5:07 am
evolve in terms of who can be approved and authorized. >> we're talking politics. >> to say al-shariah is al-qaeda is to say that the benghazi tragedy where ambassador stevens and the others were killed was in al-qaeda operation. the politics of this country is such that we are divided now. was it an al-qaeda operation? was it a spontaneous militia activity that grew out of the tm film? so you have -- we have to convey that to our military leaders and say listen, as congressman peter king is now suggesting, for the purposes of the authorization of military force act, we believe now that the people that killed our ambassador in benghazi and our other three heros was an al-qaeda operation, just for that. there is no more politics.
5:08 am
put it aside. let's just get the s.o.b.s that killed our people, get them with the best force we have and that's the seal teams and the drone strikes. >> politics in washington confound you. does hollywood confound you? listen to howard stern and weinstein in an exchange. we want to get to you comment. listen to harvey. >> i shouldn't say this, but i'll tell it to you, howard, i'm going to make a movie with meryl streep and we're going to take this issue head on and they're going to wish they weren't alive after i'm done with them. >> he is talking about the nra, he'll make a full-length feature film, to destroy the nra. what to you think? >> first of all, howard stern has a way of getting people to say things that they regret in retrospect. usually it's about their sexual exploits. but in harry weinstein's case -- i've known them both for years. he's a larger than life hollywood mogul. he's used to getting his own way. here he has a swagger about him, but listen, let's get real here.
5:09 am
what is the chances that a movie starring meryl streep produced by harvey weinstein is going to convince anyone about the second amendment right and about their desire to have a gun or not? >> the irony is, harvey weinstein has made hundreds of millions of dollars in really violent movies. these clips here we're showing are the least violent of the gun-related scenes that he has put in his movies. so for him to say, i'm going to get rid of the nra, here is a guy who has made his bread and butter with guns. >> what fascinates me is that you are surprised that there is hypocrisy in hollywood and in washington, steve. it seems so refreshingly naive. >> geraldo large this weekend on the fox news channel. great to see you. >> you like my game? >> i love it. >> we'll be talking -- on the show this weekend, we have james madden from "game of thrones." >> tell him i'm sorry he was
5:10 am
killed. >> looks more "duck dynasty" to me. >> by next season, i'll be "duck dynasty." >> thank you. coming up, when it comes to the next election, will obamacare hurt the democrats? will benghazi hurt hillary? who better to ask than the architect himself, karl rove is here live. >> then have you ever warned fellow drivers there is a cop up ahead? wait until you hear what happened to the guy who got caught doing just that. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] start the engine... and shift through all eight speeds of a transmission connected to more standard horsepower than its german competitors. and that is the moment that driving the lexus gs
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new beneful healthy smile food and snacks well, this could be a pivotal year for the gop when it comes to the midterm elections. a recent poll may explain why. >> that poll shows 47% of democrats are varied to satisfied with the way things are going in our nation, while
5:14 am
only 19% of independents and 12% of republicans say the same thing. >> our next guest knows those independent voters hold a key to a republican victory. karl rove is a former senior advisor to president george w. bush and fox news contributor. and he joins us. >> casual friday. if you can have peter johnson, jr. in a pink tie and geraldo looking like, who is the guy in the movie about the rocky mountain west and bear trapping? >> oh, yeah. >> come on, please. >> you're not going to compete. >> besides, eric bolling, he's using my white board, so i'm going to carry away the eric bolling way. >> what do you make of these numbers, this new poll? what do you think it means? >> i think it's an important wake-up call to the republicans in one respect because gallop released a poll showing last year the percentage of
5:15 am
independents hit an all-time high, 42%. and also shows an opportunity 'cause you are right. you had that number in there, 19% of independents were satisfied with the currents condition of the country. 35%, that's the job approval for president obama. 31% approve of the president's handling of the health care. 35% approve of obamacare. 36% approve of the president's handling of the economy. this is an interesting one. 66% of independents disapprove of the president's handling of the federal budget. >> independents? >> all independents. this year, independents look more like republicans. much more like republicans than they do democrats and that means republicans have a chance to do what they did in 2010 and 12 and that is carry the majority of independents and the races for congress in their effort to keep the house and senate. >> why is it people want to say i'm a republican or yep, i'm a democrat? >> the democrats peaked in 2008. and have been stuck the last two election cycles. i think it is basic lee that people are looking at what's
5:16 am
going on in washington, saying i don't want to be associated with either one of those people, which is an important thing for republicans. remember, the independents disagreed with republicans, they didn't like the shutdown at all and don't like the dysfunction of washington. they want to hear you have a conservative vision and that you're going to try and make things work. >> i want to ask you about 2016. hillary clinton, benghazi report that's come out. will this haunt her? >> i think it depends on one thing. if somebody wants to raise the issue in the appropriate way. there are lots of things that will hurt a candidate in an election, but unless somebody makes it an issue, it doesn't hurt him. so the question is, will there be a republican candidate in 2016 who raises as an issue? i suspect they will. >> will you see appropriate way? >> the appropriate way is to say, you were secretary of state and there are unanswered questions. the senate intelligence committee report said these were preventible and you were in charge. why didn't you ever have a discussion with your number two, whom the report held accountable, the undersecretary
5:17 am
of state. >> kennedy. >> kennedy. the republican minority on the senate intelligence panel said he was completely -- his testimony was completely unuseful. and the question is, why weren't you on top of this? this is important. why didn't you talk to your number two about this issue and why was it that the state department consistently turned down the request for additional security for the benghazi facility? >> let's talk about some of the policies of the president. you're a student of history. when republicans tried to run against bill clinton in the latter part of his tenure, it backfired. >> 1998. >> 1998. republicans, it was a blood bath. they didn't do very well. >> it wasn't a blood bath. republicans failed to make the gains they should have and they did because the overreach. this is the year of impeachment. that's sort of like -- it's worse in a way than the shutdown, but it's the same principle which is if you want to win the election for the mid terms for -- in races for congress, you better make certain you pay attention to the
5:18 am
independents. the good news for republicans and bad news for democrats is twofold. independents are thinking like republicans and remember, most of the battles for the u.s. senate are going to be fought in red states. in 2010, republicans picked up six seats in the senate. they picked them up in states like wisconsin, illinois, ohio, pennsylvania, and florida, that had been won by president obama in 2008. this time around they're going to be fighting for seven democratic seats in states that mitt romney carried and they're going to have additional opportunities in purple states that barak obama carried. >> will democrats run away from the president this election cycle? >> they're already starting to. so yeah. the problem is for a democrat is that if you've been a consistent ly loyal supporter, voted for stimulus, obamacare, all of these people, as all of them have done, it gets to be a little duplicitous for you to be running away. most who are smart will try and change the narrative.
5:19 am
kay hagin, a loyal supporter of president obama, is now trying to depict herself as a new elizabeth warren. i'm standing up with the little man against the big corporations and special interest. they're dangerous with that as well. but it's not -- she failed to show up when president obama came to north carolina. >> she was busy in the senate, come on! >> voters see through that. >> yeah, they do. >> don't be doing that! >> thank you. coming up, the story has everyone talking. a small act of kindness by a stranger midair made a huge difference to this mom and her daughter with autism. that mom is here next. and president obama has been fighting for equal pay for women. turns out he should try a little harder. ♪ ♪ that's straight ahead and it involves women in the white house. good job!
5:20 am
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welcome back. quick headlines. new clues in the send for the missing "wall street journal" reporter who vanished nearly a week ago. his rate card was used in mexico days after he was last seen walking near his home in new jersey. and from russia with love, a brand-new report reveals the code used to hack the personal accounts of millions of customers in target and neiman marcus was not surprisingly written in russian. elisabeth? >> while this next story is proof that even the smallest act of kindness can go a long way.
5:24 am
a mom from canada was nervously boarding a plane with her three-year-old daughter, kate. kate suffers from autism and sometimes she can be hard to handle, according to her mom. but a complete joy. but the person who sat down next to that empty seat right next to kate made everything okay on the flight. she wrote a blog about it and that flight and it has gone wild virally. she joins us this morning to share her heartwarming story. good morning. i understand kate was going to be with us, but like most kids, they make up their mind about things and have their way, right? >> that's right. there is a lot of expensive equipment in the studio and she was getting upset. so we thought we'd let her go for a walk. she may end up back in the room. who knows? >> i think it's so incredible that you're so concerned as a mom and mindful about how certain situations can make her uncomfortable and i think so many parents can relate to that. tell us the story about the plane and what exactly happened. >> my family and i had just finished a week at disneyworld,
5:25 am
which sensory wise, is overwhelming for anyone, but a kid like kate in particular. we were getting ready to board our flight to philly, to make a connection home, and i was really nervous. i was anxious. i knew kate was going to have a seat mate based on the way my husband and older daughter's seats were ahead of us. we were sitting in a row of three, kate and i. i had to really think and process who is going to sit in the seat beside her and how are they going to react to her? the story goes on from there, i sat in that seat and i watched people go up and down that aisle and i just willed people to either keep walking or sit down based on my own how people react to kate and the businessman was not one of the ones i was willing to sit down. not that i thought he would be unkind in no way would i believe he would ever have been unkind. i just thought he would be too
5:26 am
busy and caught up to spend time with her. >> a mom's heart wants what's best for the child. it meant a lot to you what happened on that flight and how that businessman reacted. you wrote on your blog, quote, you could have shifted uncomfortably in your seat. you could have ignored her. you could have given me that smile that i despise because it means manage your child, please. you did none of that. you engaged kate in conversation. thank you for not making me repeat those awful apologetic sentences that i so often say in public. >> right. that's a day in the life for us. people do their best, but it can be uncomfortable and they're not really sure. but kate's behavior and they're not really sure how to interact. i don't know. people with disabilities are people with children with disabilities will understand that our interactions in public are very different and have to be planned out and we always need a plan b and we have to think a lot more. i had to think a lot more about coming here today than maybe
5:27 am
your average family might. we make concessions and really the kindness he showed and the way he engaged our kate without pity, without sympathy, without speaking to her through me, even though she struggled to communicate, was very special and very rare and it's just a lesson that we're so proud as being spread around the world now because that's what we want. we want people to see kate as a little person and respect her for who she is. >> well, you might recognize the guy who i'm going to bring in right now here. eric is with me now. he's in the seat next to me. he's been equally as kind and fun sitting here on the curvy couch. what does it mean to hear the words? you probably were just doing what you normally do. but it made a huge difference to kate. >> yeah. it was definitely interesting hearing all this and seeing the blog come out and -- it's
5:28 am
overwhelming is the best word i can describe it because it really was a normal day for me going on a plane and just coming home. >> i saw you as they were reading that quote. maybe at the time you didn't realize this was something extraordinary and special. what would you like to say to kate and her mom? >> that they're great, fantastic people and i'm so happy i got to meet them and as i've told her husband a few times, we're bonded i think forever because of this flight and the story. i couldn't be happier. they're a great family. >> so kate i know will hear that by default on the side. what's the special story you guys share? you're bonded for life? you guys right now exemplify what should happen. we just wants to thank you for bringing this to everyone's plate and awareness and i'm so glad that your buddy could join us once more.
5:29 am
he keeps popping up in seats. we don't know what to do with him. please give kate a big hug for us, okay? >> i sure will. >> bye, eric. >> coming up, so many people are concerned about this story. is radioactive waste from fukushima getting in the fish you eat here in this country? we have an expert on hand to answer that. and don't blame everything you hear when -- believe everything you hear with it comes to obamacare. the white house is fudging the numbers. chris wallace on that next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] we could say a lot
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a $29 value free. don't wait until you become the next victim. ♪ ♪ what in the world do you do when that happens? your shot of the morning. a washington greyhound got a chance to make an easy lay-up for the win, but the ball gets stuck on the back of the rim and stays there as time expires. grandview made up for it, so they ended up winning in overtime. a question, if the ball would have just rolled in even after time had expired, would it still
5:34 am
count? >> no. >> 'cause they got the shot off before the buzzer. >> right. if a tree falls, does it make a noise. >> am i right? n yes. >> would it count? >> it would count. because it could take a year. maybe you could all sit there for a year. >> listen, every sunday morning we watch fox news sunday 'cause that guy is on it and joins us live from our nation's capitol. >> let me just say, no shot. it doesn't count. game over? >> no? you get the ball off -- >> no, no. if it had gone in, it would have been a shot. but it didn't go in. it hung up there, so it doesn't count. >> it rolled up to the cup and it just sort of stopped there. then a few seconds later, it rolled in, that still counts. >> but it has to be a few counts. there is a rule in the pga, and i'm glad this is what we're talking about today instead of plugging my show. >> you started it! >> you have only a few seconds
5:35 am
and then you have to tap it in. >> we only have a few seconds before you got to go. we want to talk about this, the president went to twitter to claim that something like, what, 6 million americans have gotten covered through obamacare. the fact checkers are look. it looks like 4 million are through medicaid and now a lot of people are going, wait a minute. that number is squishy because we don't know how many signed up through obamacare and we don't know how many were just going to sign up anyway. >> well, first of all, under obamacare, medicaid is expanded so that instead of being a poverty level, it's raised up in a lot of places to 133% of the poverty level. so a lot more people are eligible for medicaid under obamacare. but that's not the exchanges. that's just a plain government health care benefit like medicare or medicaid and that is not going through the exchanges and paying your premium and maybe getting a subsidy.
5:36 am
so that doesn't help the insurance companies. that's just government health care. >> sure. and the president wound up getting three pinocchios from the "washington post" because it's just not true. >> and when they talked about they needed, for obamacare to work, they needed 7 million people to sign up, those people don't go against the 7 million. that's a completely separate category. on the other hand, they may be people who are uninsured who, because of the expansion, the raising of the poverty level, are now covered. so it's good for them. >> indeed. >> i saw the nsa, apparently did, they're not just taking 877-249-9626 conversations, they're trying to monitor texts. i know obama will try to make reforms there. what's the latest? >> the latest is that he's going to kind of straddle, elisabeth. there were 46 recommendations from his own panel. some of them he's going to accept, for instance, the idea of a privacy advocate. when the government goes to the foreign intelligence surveillance court, the secret
5:37 am
court and says we want to be able to do such and such. before it's just been the government and a judge. now i think you're going to see a system where there is somebody there representing the other side, the other side being privacy and arguing against this in some cases. there is some reasonable argument that there be an adversarial proceeding, although the concern that some people are mentioning is going to slow it down and make it harder for the government to catch the bad guys. on the other hand, there was all this talk about the government holing all of our meta data, our phone records, the number that my phone number calls and how long we talk. not the content. it was an idea, maybe that phone companies should hold this or a third party. they went through had and apparently the president isn't going to go for that because the phone companies don't want any part of this. so it's going to be a kind of -- one from column a and none from column b. we're going to be talking on sunday to the former nsa chief, michael hayden, about whether or not the president has endangered our security.
5:38 am
also you can see there, the chairman of the senate judiciary committee, pat leahy, who has put in a bill that would dramatically increase the privacy safeguards. my guess is it will be too much for hayden and not enough for leahy. >> that will be an interesting debate. >> it will. >> i think the headline is that you're texting, first of all. >> let me just say, you and tim are safe because i wouldn't know how to get a text on my telephone. i don't know. it's very -- i go to my six-year-old grandchild and i say, help bomb bomb do this. >> he only uses snap chat. chris wallace. >> snap what? >> uh-huh. sure. like you don't know. >> he's kidding. he just sent me one. >> yeah. it's adorable. >> we'll be watching on sunday. >> this is not a snapchat, this is a news chat. >> clayton, we got to give you
5:39 am
down there to give a tutorial. >> thanks so much. good morning. this story coming out, he murdered a pregnant woman in cold blood after he sexually assaulted her and now the killer's family says that he is the one who suffered. dennis mcguire was executed for his crime, but his family says that the execution process took too long because there was a combination of new drugs that was used and those drugs had never been used on anyone before. so now the family is suing the state of ohio, saying that it knew about the possibility that mcguire with a take a long time to die and that he suffered and that his constitutional rights were violated. what do you think of that? president obama talks a lot about fighting for equal pay for women. listen to this. >> over the course of her career, a work woman with a college degree will earn on average hundreds of thousands of dollars less than a man who does the same work.
5:40 am
that's wrong. >> the president may need to fight a little harder because according to a brand-new report by the daily caller, men are making more money than women at the white house. the median salary for men last year, $73,000. that's 8,000 more than women who made an average of $65,000. what do you think of that. senator tom coburn announcing he will leave congress at the end of this session because he's battling prostate cancer. the 65-year-old republican from oklahoma will not finish the two years remaining on his term. coburn well-known for his efforts to eliminate government waste and one of the most memorable of them, he uncovered a study that cost $500,000 of your money to put those shrimp on a treadmill. and have you ever tried to warn fellow drivers there is a cop ahead? this is what one guy did and it got him arrested. ron martin was holding up a sign near a popular speed trap in texas. the sign read, police ahead. but now he's facing misdemeanor charges.
5:41 am
not actually for warning the drivers, because that's legal in texas. but instead, he broke a law that bans signs on public property. those are your headlines. guess those cops not happy with that. >> exactly right. they figured it out. >> thanks. coming up, so many people are concerned about this story. the radioactive waste getting in the fish you eat? we are going to have an expert on hand to answer that up next. >> all the way from fukushima? it's true. plus, they were upstaged by an 11-year-old, that guitar hero, screen right, will be live in our studio in a couple of minutes to teach us a thing or two. ♪ ♪ [announcer] word is getting out.
5:42 am
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welcome back. quick headlines for you now. meet afghanistan's first female police chief. a colonel and a 50-year-old mother of five. she says she's not afraid, even though police women are one of the top targets of the taliban. a wild police chase on the streets of california. a cop car performed a pit maneuver and slams into the speeding truck, causing it to fish tail. the driver manages to actually get away. cops then lay down a spike strip, blowing out the tires. police surround the truck and arrest the driver. clayton, over to you? >> thanks. speaking of fish tails, the pictures are hard to forget. it's been three years since the japanese earthquake that triggered a massive nuclear meltdown. whatever happened to the radioactive material that flooded into the ocean? is it safe to eat the fish that we consider safe at one point? nick class fisher is a marine biologist and marine scientist professor at stonybrook university and led a team of scientists in a study on the current health risks there.
5:46 am
nice to see you this morning. are there any lingering effects in the oceans from the fukushima plant? >> the radiation is higher certainly in waters around japan than in the eastern pacific around california. one can detect levels of radio activity that are low in both places, but they're higher in japan. >> humans are terrified of having radioactivity be in any food source they're eating. what are the doses? are the doses low enough where we wouldn't need to be worried about it is this. >> some people choose to be worried. the doses are, in fact, very low in fish that migrate from japan to california such as blue fin tuna. we can detect very low levels of radioactive material in these fish ha are caught off san diego. but the doses are far below the
5:47 am
dose from the naturally occurring ones present in the same fish. >> you brought sushi for me. so thank you for that. a little breakfast for me. i guess this is tuna? >> yes. >> tuna in here. in the united states, eating tuna, you're finding low doses of radioactivity. >> only in blue fin not yellow fin. >> do we need to be concerned about this or are there other things we need to be concerned about, like mercury? >> mercury is also present in those too in a. it's an open question about the risks associated with eating extremely low doses of radioactivity. i would not be concerned about eating those fish myself. >> you're not scared about it. to me, if someone tells me there is low doses of radioactivity in that fish -- >> let's put that in perspective. so the dose is far below the dose from the naturally occurring material present in those same fish.
5:48 am
so there is a material that is naturally occurring. it's always been on earth. is in all marine animals, as well potassium 40, naturally occurring, has always been on earth. and the dose to fish and consumers from eating the fish is much higher from the naturally occurring materials than the artificial ones. it's important to put the artificial ones into some perspective. i would prefer that the dose be zero from the artificial ones, but, in fact, it's measurable, but very low. >> all right. that's good news, at least. we were fearful that things were hitting california and -- >> they are hitting california. but they're at very low levels. >> good to know. three years later, from the fukushima power plant catastrophe, some decent news for us. thank you. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. coming up, how he went from
5:49 am
average kid to sharing the stage with a rocker? the 11-year-old guitar hero joins us next with his story. first, let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> talented. good morning to you. breaking news on these wildfires. there will be a lot of concern and for good reason. we'll show you why. you might be stunned at how much of your personal information is being captured by your government. tom ridge on that. and why the obamacare numbers are just downright squishy. martha and i will see you in 11 here "america's newsroom," top of the hour. alories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant with freshly bakedeve in whole grain bread.right then we add all-natural eggs...
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you are going to love this. talk about a dream come true, take a look at this. ♪
5:53 am
♪ the guy screen right is 11-year-old aidan fisher, center stage at the steel panther concert in kansas city. >> how cool is that? aidan and his dad met the group's guitarist in a hotel elevator before the show and challenged him to a guitar solo. that video going viral with almost 3 million views. joining us is rock star in the making, aidan fisher. good morning. >> good morning. >> how cool was that? >> it was awesome. >> were you nervous at all when you got up there? >> yeah. >> you play at home a lot, right? you practice at home. but when you get up there in front of all these people, and suddenly you have to perform in front of thousands of people, what were you thinking? do you even look up at all? >> yeah. i saw a lot of people. >> it was a lot. once you started playing, did you get comfortable? sounded like it. over 3 million people have seen you perform. you outperformed many artists
5:54 am
now in terms of how many people have seen you at work. pretty cool. >> when did you start playing? >> when i was nine years old? >> could you teach me? >> first, let's have him play his -- what would you like to play for us? >> "eruption" by eddie van halen. >> let her rip. >> clayton, try to just watch. >> i'm going to watch. >> ladies and gentlemen, aidan fisher, "eruption." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wow! >> fantastic! >> i love it! >> mary had a little lamb ♪
5:56 am
♪ little lamb ♪ . >> what do you think? >> amazing! >> how long did it take you to learn that? >> took me two months. >> two months? >> we'll find out more on the other side of a brief timeout. fantastic. >> we'll be right back. more "fox & friends" on the way oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on
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and a 30-tablet free trial. natural energy from tea packed with real juice from delicious fruits and veggies. it's what you need for that extra boost! oh and did we mention it's only 50 calories? need a lift? could've had a v8. in t juice aisle. lot of news today. what's on tomorrow? >> we have mark walburg, the star of "lone survivor" will be on. and one of the big stars from "game of thrones." >> fantastic. you want to play us out as we go
6:00 am
to the next thing? >> i have a feeling. >> what about a little led zeppelin? >> good call. >> hayden fish -- aidan fisher, everybody. ♪ ♪ bill: don't stop, let him go. a friday fox news alert. are we about to see big change in the way the nsa collects your every digital move? the president is expected to release an overhaul of how your phone data is stored for millions of americans. that comes on the same day we are getting reports that the nsa is collecting hundreds hundreds of thousands of text messages every day. a wild fire east of l.a.


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